Sunday, April 18, 2010

Went to a Ball Game Today with Chabad

Two things worthy of note.

1. The campus shaliach (at least to more inner circle types) is willing to I think admit the Haredi situation in Israel sometimes goes overboard. Case in point: last year on the Birthright trip run by Chabad, they had Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel; the women on the trip were singing (on their side of the Kotel), which led some people to throw water over the mechitza in protest.

The rabbi noted he'd had to mislead by saying it was a Shavuot tradition to throw water.

2. One guy brought Meir Kahane ימח שמו וזכרו 's book to the ballgame to read when he got bored. And he's seriously considering not coming back when he goes to Israel this summer (even though this is just his freshman year). Oy vavoy.

And yeah, certainly if people are going to say that about Rabbi Stephen Wise, I can say that about the guy responsible for both Jewish-oriented U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations.