Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rest In Peace, Henry Hyde

Former U.S. Representative from Illinois Henry Hyde(R-Chicago suburbs) has passed away. Hyde entered the House in the Democratic landslide year of 1974, and left it in the Democratic landslide year of 2006.

He'll be remembered in history for two things.

1. The Hyde amendment-staunchly anti-choice, Henry Hyde introduced an amendment in 1976 which prohibited federal funding of abortions. Currently, it requires coverage of abortion in cases of rape, incest and life endangerment, but prohibits it otherwise.
2. His instrumental role as Judiciary Chairman in the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

But I prefer to remember Henry as a relic of a simpler time. See, Henry had normal, simple, adulterous sex scandals. They ruined families, true, but nothing special.

You don't see that anymore.

These days we see:
Ted Haggard-party n play gay sex with prostitutes
Mark Foley-dirty e-mails with underage pages
Larry Craig-wide stance on not being gay in airport bathrooms
Rudy Giuliani-has taxpayers pay for his affair, dumps his wife on TV, lives with gay couple

So, rest in peace, Henry Hyde. We'll miss your simplicity.

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