Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MS Dem Chair Wayne Dowdy Likely For Obama

Based on his comments, former Congressman and Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party will likely be voting for Barack Obama, and may well declare after Obama [presumably] wins the state.

Dowdy made the following comments:

Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Dowdy said he's not worried about Republicans voting in the Democratic primary. "We encourage everyone to participate in the Democratic primary," he said. Asked whether that conflicts with the Democrats' attempts to bar Republicans from voting in their primaries, Dowdy said it does not.

The lawsuit seeks to bar Republicans from voting to elect a "weaker" Democrat, he said. In today's primary, "there's no claim that independents or Republicans are voting for that reason," he said. Obama has attracted Republicans and independent voters in other states, Dowdy said.

"I hope that occurs (today) in Mississippi," said Dowdy, one of several superdelegates who is uncommitted.

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