Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Republican National Committee taking money from Terrorists, White Supremacists

Thanks to the Republican National Committee's new donation database search, we know the terrible truth; the Republicans are being funded in a big way by some very scary people.

  • Don Black(donations of $100, $50)-Black is the founder and editor of, the most heavily visited U.S. white supremacist site

  • David Duke($80, $75, $50, $25)-Duke is a former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon and one of the most well-known white supremacists in America today

  • Thomas Metzger($10)-founder of White Aryan Resistance

  • Andy Martin($100, $150)-man behind the Obama Muslim smears; previously ran for Congress on a platform of "exterminating Jew power"

  • Mark Weber($100, $70, $60, $10, $6)-director of Holocaust denying Institute for Historical Review

  • Gerald O'Brien($100)-leader of a faction of Aryan Nations

  • James Burford($3)-member of American Nazi Party

  • John Bishop(various)-American Nazi Party member

Other disturbing donors:

  • John Hagee($25)-crazy anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic pastor

  • Pat Robertson($10)-generally crazy assassination-loving pastor

  • Michael Bray($45)-member of anti-abortion terrorist group Army of God

  • Paul Hill(various)-anti-abortion terrorist

Of course, it is not a possibility that there are different, ordinary people with those same names.

If there were, the Republicans would've provided the city, state, zip code, and the occupation of the donor to clarify the identity of donors.

After all, that is the reason they're angry and put the database up in the first place, right?

Because they're "concerned" that Obama is taking "questionable" donations?

So it's clear. The Republicans are, clearly, taking money from white supremacists

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Do you smell something....sniff, what is it sheep....or wait...its Bullshit