Monday, April 2, 2012

Chris Christie Davens at the Kotel-With an Artscroll?

I'm not a fan of Governor Christie, and don't think he should run for anything (and not just because I'm worried that his running will cause an earthquake). Nevertheless, the pictures of him at the kotel are precious, because he's davening (praying) with an Artscroll.

Yes, that's an Artscroll. You can see it more clearly in this picture, where it's in-depth enough to see that it's Psalm 20. Nosson Scherman and Meir Zlotowitz must be sheppin' nachas.

However, I do have some questions.

  1. Since when does Artscroll make a Nusach HaNotzri siddur? Obviously this siddur exists, as Kosher Jesus must have used it for his own davening. However, I figured only Shmuley Boteach put out an edition of it, and hadn't realized Artscroll had moved in.
  2. Did they have to widen the Jaffa Gate again so Christie could enter the Old City?
  3. Is it mutar (acceptable according to Jewish law) to use Chris Christie as a mechitza (barrier for prayer.

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