Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anti-Semitic Elmo is Actually Adam Sandler

In case the anti-Semitic Elmo story wasn't already crazy enough, the New York Times found a serious bombshell about the guy's past: running a "Welcome to the Rape Camp" porn site in Cambodia, for which he was expelled and banned from the country. While he changed his legal name to Adam Sandler (one of the few people who could lower the reputation of that name), his original name was Dan Sandler. After Cambodia and before Elmo, he worked via a temp agency for Girl Scouts of the USA.

But the Cambodia thing, that just brings the awfulness to a new level and without the humorous absurdity that anti-Semitic Elmo had by himself.

If his sexual bondage show caused violence against women in the United States -- the community of the target audience -- that was acceptable, even desirable. “It might promote violence against women in the United States, but I say, ‘Good.’ I hate those bitches. They’re out of line and that’s one of the reasons I want to do this … I’m going through a divorce right now. … I hate American women”
Apparently he would have gone to Cambodian prison if not for US intervention.
Although Sandler faced up to five years in jail in Cambodia for violating the law on human trafficking and sexual exploitation, United States officials intervened with the Cambodian Interior Ministry to assist him. U.S. officials arranged that he not be prosecuted, but deported.

Oh, on a Google groups forum, he apparently referred to himself as

Dan Sandler
Cambodia's 1st internet pornographer and a number one supporter of women rights in Cambodia.

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