Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1960-1980 Gap in GOP Platform Even More Shocking than 1980-2012 Gap

The New York Times today pointed out the major shift rightward from the 1980 GOP platform, which at the time was seen as a major victory for conservatives. I decided to see what the 1960 GOP platform looked like, and the results are, to say the least, utterly shocking.

On Israel

In the Middle East, we shall continue to support the integrity and independence of all the states of that area including Israel and the Arab States.
With specific reference to Israel and the Arab Nations we urge them to undertake negotiations for a mutually acceptable settlement of the causes of tension between them. We pledge continued efforts:
  • To eliminate the obstacles to a lasting peace in the area, including the human problem of the Arab refugees. (emphasis mine)
  • To seek an end to transit and trade restrictions, blockades and boycotts.
  • To secure freedom of navigation in international waterways, the cessation of discrimination against Americans on the basis of religious beliefs, and an end to the wasteful and dangerous arms race and to the threat of an arms imbalance in the area.

Economic Policy

... To that end we favor: Use of the full powers of government to prevent the scourges of depression and inflation.

Labor (Yes, they actually had a plank on that)

Republican action has given to millions of American working men and women new or expanded protection and benefits, such as:
  • Increased federal minimum wage;
  • Extended coverage of unemployment insurance and the payment of additional temporary benefits provided in 1958-59;
  • Improvement of veterans' re-employment rights;
  • Extension of federal workman's compensation coverage and increase of benefits;
Seven past years of accomplishments, however, are but a base to build upon in fostering, promoting and improving the welfare of America's working men and women, both organized and unorganized. We pledge, therefore, action on these constructive lines: ...
  • Upward revision in amount and extended coverage of the minimum wage to several million more workers.
  • Strengthening the unemployment insurance system and extension of its benefits.
  • Improvement of the eight-hour laws relating to hours and overtime compensation on federal and federally-assisted construction, and continued vigorous enforcement and improvement of minimum wage laws for federal supply and construction contracts
  • Continued improvement of manpower skills and training to meet a new era of challenges, including action programs to aid older workers, women, youth, and the physically handicapped.
  • Encouragement of training programs by labor, industry and government to aid in finding new jobs for persons dislocated by automation or other economic changes.
  • Improvement of job opportunities and working conditions of migratory farm workers.
  • Assurance of equal pay for equal work regardless of sex; encouragement of programs to insure on-the-job safety, and encouragement of the States to improve their labor standards legislation, and to improve veterans' employment rights and benefits.
  • Encouragement abroad of free democratic institutions, higher living standards and higher wages through such agencies as the International Labor Organization, and cooperation with the free trade union movement in strengthening free labor throughout the world.

Various Other Issues


We are confronted with major problems in the field of environmental health. We pledge:
  • Strengthened federal enforcement powers in combatting water pollution and additional resources for research and demonstration projects. Federal grants for the construction of waste disposal plants should be made only when they make an identifiable contribution to clearing up polluted streams.
  •  Federal authority to identify, after appropriate hearings, air pollution problems and to recommend proposed solutions. 


Republican conscience and Republican policy require that:
  • The annual number of immigrants we accept be at least doubled.

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