Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trolling Frum Guys on Craigslist

To see one of the bigger embarrassments to the religious Jewish community and probably one of the reasons why the Internet is banned/restricted, search for "frum" on Craigslist for New York City. It includes frum (religious) Jews of all kinds, searching for extramarital relations, sometimes homosexual. For whatever reason a lot of people seem to prefer to try to find other frum Jews rather than some Brooklyn hipster who would have sex with them to be ironic.

Of course, nearly all of these ads are posted by men, usually seeking women (but sometimes seeking men). My fiance and I wondered what kind of responses we could get by pretending to be a frum woman. In order to look authentic, we made sure to have poor "frum Internet-style" grammar and spelling, and made it short and sweet. The "rebbes name" part was primarily to see what sect they belonged to. The ad is as follows:

Frum Lady Seeking Heimishe Bucher - w4m - 28 (Willi)

Im a horny frum satmar lady whos looking for love i can host my husband is all day at b&h and kollel. Put rebbes name in so I know your real

Although the ad was flagged for removal about 9 hours later, we still got plenty of great responses. Some ignored the request for the rebbe's name, and one person didn't seem to understand, putting "Rebbes name" in the title of the response (however, since he said he was from Crown Heights and said "Mmmmmmm ..." (Menachem Mmmmmmendel) we'll count him as Chabad. Additionally, one guy put "Goldwasser" in the title which I hope was a reference to R. Hershel Goldwasser shlita of Beer Sheva. Roughly, I got a whole bunch of Satmars (both Zali and Aroni, plus some who just stuck with R. Yoel Teitelbaum), some Chabadniks, a Vizhnitz, a Modern Orthodox, a student of Reuven Feinstein's at MTJ and some plain "frum" guys from Flatbush (and one from Long Island).

Some took the ad literally, but wanted in anyway ... (translation in italics)

hello do u need davka a bucher? im married
Vilst davke a heimishe oder iz a frime och git? Do you want precisely a "heimishe" or is any frum guy good

We also got some secular Jews

hi I m larry that sad that brainwashing of your religion has made you into a very sex starve wife I know that its hard to be so orthodox and not beable to have all the sex you want

And even some goyim.

Some, however, were skeptical.

Sure Frum...tell me more...

And one guy, who is apparently off the derech, sounded kind of sheepish about violating the extremely important commandment (one of three you're supposed to die rather than violate) of sleeping with a married woman, but gave in because "I" was horny.

Hello, I don't do this usually, Especially since you're an eshet eish But since you're horny, a man should fulfill your needs I am very oral, passionate, kinky, I'm 30 from Brooklyn I dnt wear black and white,

Not everyone was a Chassid, though.

hi how r u?? im ashkanze from flatbush i learn in MTJ in the morning but i dont think i will be going if u want me to come in a white shirt black pants let me know i usally wear T-shirts or polo depends on the day

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