Saturday, December 8, 2007

Clinton Campaign Bribery via Charitable Contributions

I wouldn't bring this up except that the Clinton campaign has accused Barack Obama of bribery & violating campaign finance laws due to the PAC having given money it had left to the campaigns of Democratic candidates in early states.

Turns out the Clinton campaign has done the same thing via charitable contributions

African American Museum of IACedar Rapids, IA$909/18/2007
Assumption Greek Orthodox ChurchManchester, NH$1757/13/2007
Bobby Stephens' Fund for EducationManchester, NH$5003/16/2007
Capital Pride FestivalWashington, DC$1256/8/2007
Capitol City PrideDes Moines, IA$1006/12/2007
Democracy Fest, Inc.Pittsford, VT$2506/7/2007
New Hampshire Polit LibraryConcord, NH$1,5003/16/2007
Reno-Sparks NAACP Branch #1112Reno, NV$1005/25/2007
Rich Eychaner Charitable FndnDes Moines, IA$2506/12/2007

That's 3 donations to Iowa, 3 to New Hampshire, and 1 to Nevada, in addition to one to D.C. and one to Vermont. Is the extreme disproportion a coincidence? Very hard to believe.

Now, why is the Clinton campaign making charitable contributions in the first place? My guess is that it was money received from criminal sources that they didn't want to directly return.

After all, they've pledged to donate the $23,000 Norman Hsu had given Hillary in the past to charity. Will that money be going to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada as well? They need to answer this question now, because the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries occur before the 4th quarter filing deadline.

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