Sunday, December 2, 2007

Craig: "Not concerned About Criticizing Boxer's Stance"

Senator Craig may be having sex with 8 different men, but that hasn't stopped the good Senator from continue his important work in ensuring that global warming continues unabated.

His latest target: Senator Barbara Boxer and the Lieberman-Warner bill on Climate Change.

While there are some real problems with this bill from a progressive standpoint-Friends of the Earth contends it's full of obscene giveaways to polluting industries, it's a start.

And it's certainly far too much to stomach (which is saying something!) for Senator Craig.

Granted, Craig pales in comparison to Inhofe, who's famous for claiming that global warming is "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people" (evolution is second, the geocentric theory of the solar system is 3rd, and the moon landing rates at a dismal 4th for the senior Senator from Oklahoma).

But one can't deny that the Senator is working his ass off in trying to thwart Senator Boxer's attempt to get this legislation to the floor.

My job is to get this bill as far as I can, and get it to the floor of the Senate," Boxer said in a recent interview. "We'll work on this all night if we have to."

Whereas Craig says that

would cost thousands of jobs and "demonstrate nothing more than her intent to revert the United States to a developing country."

One wonders at the audacity of Craig's coming out in such full force on this issue when he has other things to worry about.

In his defense, his spokesman, Sidney Smith, made the following remarks:
Sidney Smith, a spokesman for Craig, said Craig was "not concerned about criticizing Sen. Boxer's stance on climate change," even though she heads the ethics panel.

He doesn't elaborate on the Senator's own stance, but we can safely assume that it's wide.

One final note of interest

Boxer and Craig may be able to debate the bill in Bali, where both are scheduled to attend a United Nations conference next week on climate change.

Craig, who has attended three previous U.N. climate conferences, said he expects a familiar scene: "Sen. Boxer will be welcomed as the liberator, and Al Gore will probably receive another award, but in the end, the only impact the conference will have will be the pollution and consumption they all create in traveling to Bali in the first place."

Two main points in this blurb:

  • Larry Craig has, contrary to popular opinion, NOT been banned from airports

  • He's obviously leaving something out of his "familiar scene". I don't even want to think about what

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