Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trenton Times Endorses Barack Obama

Not a huge paper, but it's certainly read by some people in central and southern Jersey.

I'd still much prefer a Lautenberg and/or Holt endorsement (or, if it's an NJ newspaper, the Star-Ledger

But as endorsements go, it's a pretty good one.

Hillary Clinton is more than qualified to run the country. She's smart, experienced, eminently able -- and she's promised to roll up her sleeves and begin work on her first day in office. Our government, though is so huge, so entrenched, such a mighty force of inertia, it may be impossible, despite her best efforts, for her to actually push it in a different direction.

That's the advantage of Obama and the ignition of optimism he's brought about. Appealing to our best and brightest instincts, he's made us be lieve a better future is possible.

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