Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keith Ellison gives Fox News the Disrespect They Deserve

In a piece on about Senator Obama apologizing to the women from the Detroit metro area who were kept out of the background seats by a staffer due to their headscarves, Fox News uncovers shocking evidence (ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!) of how it was "the Muslims" who made him apologize.

Specifically, Representative Keith Ellison(D-MN), who represents Minneapolis, was born in Detroit and can trace his American-born ancestors to before the civil war, which I believe is longer than Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity.

So of course Fox News wanted to interview him, and UNCOVER HIS SECRET MUSLIM AGENDA ZOMG!!!!

Ellison's response to their query:

Ellison refused to discuss the exchange with FOX News. “I can talk to you about my tie,” said Ellison who declined to elaborate on what he said to Obama.

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