Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pascrell-Rothman Results: Purely Territorial

Some people for whatever reason think that issues played a role in the primary. In fact the results were overwhelmingly geographical. Rothman won overwhelmingly in his former district's territory (Bergen), Pascrell won overwhelmingly elsewhere. But far more of the district had been represented by Pascrell In the Bergen part of the district (I believe Rothman had represented all of it, if not he represented well over 90% of it), Rothman won overwhelmingly, Bergen results. Rothman 14,483 (73.4%), Pascrell 5,376 (26.6%). In the rest of the district, which had mostly if not entirely been represented by Pascrell, Pascrell won (slightly more) overwhelmingly, Pascrell 24851 (84%), Rothman 4635 (16%). Of course, since more of the district was previously represented by Pascrell (a good portion of the old 9th went to the 5th and to the new Latino-majority 8th), this transformed into a solid victory for Pascrell.

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