Friday, June 15, 2012

Vagina mentions by Republicans in Congressional Record

Rep. George Radanovich (CA), Jan 9, 2009, honoring county supervisor Dianne Fritz: "Supervisor Fritz has always been active in the community; she performed with the Vagina Monologs and other fundraising activities in support of the Mountain Crisis Services programs for victims" Rep. Ted Poe (TX), June 26, 2008, in support of the death penalty for raping children, "She was bleeding profusely from the vaginal area. The victim was transported to Children's Hospital. An expert in pediatric forensic medicine testified that the victim's injuries were the most severe he had ever seen from a sexual assault in his years of practice. A laceration to the left wall of the vagina separated her cervix from the back of her vagina , causing her rectum to protrude into the vaginal structure. The injuries required her to have emergency surgery." Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (MD), June 25, 2007, justifying his opposition to embryonic stem cell research. "And the sperm which are released in the uterus, in the vagina really, and then they make it up through the cervix into the uterus, they make their way all the way up the Fallopian tube, and some of them get out into the body. And if the ovum has not made it into the Fallopian tube, they may be fertilized out in the body, and we call that an ectopic pregnancy, and that has to be interrupted because neither the fetus nor the mother will make it if we let that continue." June 21, 2006, opposing embryonic stem cell research again. "Once in a while it is not picked up and the ovum will go on out here in the body cavity, and the sperm, which are released, of course, down in the vagina . They go up into the uterus, and then they swim against the current, by the way, because there is some little cilia in here" Sen. Tom Coburn (OK), December 8, 2006, discussing HPV: "Condoms are ineffective against HPV because the virus is prevalent not only in the mucosal tissue (genitalia) but also on dry skin of the surrounding abdomen and groin, and it can migrate from those areas into the vagina and the cervix." Sen. George Voinovich (OH), March 11, 2003, discussing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act: " Deliberately and intentionally delivering into the vagina a living unborn child, or a substantial portion thereof, for the purpose of performing a procedure; that the person performing such procedure knows will kill the unborn child and does kill the unborn child. "

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