Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Denounces Reverend Wright

This is good news, I hope.

In Winston-Salem, Obama sharply attacks Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the substance of his remarks yesterday, a far sharper disavowal than he gave in Philadelphia last month.

The core of his message: That Wright was not only offensive, but the polar opposite of Obama's own views and politics.

Certainly this won't hurt him. Even if African-Americans did feel "Sista Souljah'd," they'll still be voting for him. They're not going to Clinton (impressive how Hillary and Bill have ruined their reputation among African-Americans in the last year and even in early February; while the blacks I canvassed in Trenton were [except for the Caribbean immigrants] pretty much unanimously for Obama, they were still feeling good about Senator Clinton. It does not seem that that's still the case.

And certainly, they'll vote for Obama 90%+ in the general.

So, hopefully, this reassures some misgivings among the older and less highly educated white voters.

Despite the media hype, I'm less worried about Jewish voters, although I suppose the Jews I'm around are younger, and when they aren't younger, quite liberal [then again, Jews are far more likely to identify as liberals or progressives than any other group, including African-Americans.

Then again, my somewhat hawkish friend who's grandfather was in the Lehi and who himself is relatively hardline on Israel (although not particularly fond of the settlers) is an Obama supporter. Then again, he's young.

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