Monday, April 28, 2008

Proof of Overwhelming College Student Support for Obama-Part 1

Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel, President and Vice President of the College Democrats of America, are both superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

They've posted a Youtube urging college students to contact them about their votes.

Before I contact them, I'd like to collect proof via election results that Barack Obama is the overwhelming favorite of College Democrats (or at least, Democratic and Democratic-leaning college students).

Let's start with Ohio, since that's apparently the most important state ever!

Ohio University in Athens

Let me first note that Ohio University is in Appalachia, where Obama has done very, very poorly.

Not only did he not win any counties in Appalachian Ohio, but other than Athens County (containing Ohio University, Hillary won 52.6-44.8), Holmes County (where almost everybody is Amish and the few non-Amish tend to be more likely to be liberal Dems [this might also help explain Lancaster County, PA]; either that or the Amish like Obama; Hillary won 56-40), and Clermont County (Cincinnati exurbs, less than true "Appalachia", Hillary won 60-35), Obama lost every county except Tuscawaras [63-33 Hillary win] by a 2:1 margin. Clinton won the region 69.0% to 27.7%, getting 70% of the vote in most other counties and 80% in 2.

So, in other words, Appalachians in Ohio (and elsewhere), have not tended to go for Obama.

Further note: Athens, Ohio is 3.82% black, which, while a bit above average for Appalachia, is still very low.

On-campus precincts are in bold. Nearby barely off-campus precincts are not.

Ward 1-Precinct 4: Obama 171-57
Ward 1-Precinct 5: Obama 192-47
Ward 1-Precinct 6: Obama 75-17
Ward 2-Precinct 1: Obama 269-65
Ward 2-Precinct 2: Obama 164-56
Ward 4-Precinct 5: Obama 320-61
Ward 3-Precinct 1: Obama 122-30
Ward 3-Precinct 2: Obama 143-48
Ward 3-Precinct 3: Obama 93-31
Ward 3-Precinct 4: Obama 104-38
Ward 4-Precinct 4: Obama 164-56

Total on-Campus: Obama 1191-303 79.8% of the vote
Total: Obama 1817-506 78.2% of the vote.

Ohio State University-Columbus, OH

Columbus was, as were several other cities in Ohio, strong for Obama, for several reasons (see precinct results
Ward 15-Precinct A: Obama 186-68
Ward 39-Precinct A: Obama 233-63
Ward 40-Precinct B: Obama 196-64
Ward 41-Precinct B: Obama 221-52
Ward 41-Precinct C: Obama 61-22
Ward 41-Precinct D: Obama 84-29
Ward 41-Precinct E: Obama 113-47

Total: Obama 1094-345 (perhaps many live off-campus or turnout was very lackluster ... I don't know, but I can't tell for sure where you'd vote)
Oberlin College-Oberlin, OH

Oberlin is, of course, famous for being a left-wing college, ever since it was a hot-bed of abolition and started admitting blacks in the mid-19th century.

And of course, they went heavily for Obama (see canvass report)

Ward 2-A: Obama 192-43
Ward 3-A: Obama 435-99
Ward 3-B: Obama 347-99

Obama 974-241: 80.2% of the vote

University of Dayton

This is a Catholic school. It's been claimed that Obama has severe problems among Catholics.

Ward 1-A: Obama 117-49
Ward 1-D: Obama 26-13

So, east, west, central, big state, public, private, religious, secular, urban, rural, Catholic, liberal arts, Obama wins big among students in Ohio.

On-Campus precincts:

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