Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don Young Declared Primary Victor

By a veritable Gravelanche, Don Young has won his primary in Alaska

Mr. Young defeated Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, who had been endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin, by 48,195 to 47,891.

Yeah, sure, rapist-enabling Sarah Palin is nice, but that margin of victory could've been due to a more high-profile endorsement: Ron Paul, who mailed his supporters (and there are a heavily disproportionate number of batshit insane libertarians in Alaska) to endorse Don Young.

This is good news for Ethan Berkowitz. It means that even with Palin at the top of the ballot, he's got a really good shot at becoming the first Democrat elected to Congress from Alaska since Mark Begich's dad Nick beat Don Young posthumously in 1972 after disappearing on a plane during a campaign trip (Democratic leader Hale Boggs was also on that plane).

Moreover, he's got a good chance at becoming the first Jew elected to Congress from Alaska since the great Ernest Gruening, father of Alaska statehood and one of the 2 Senators to vote against the Vietnam War (the great but crazy Mike Gravel [though now we see why he was elected in Alaska] beat him in a primary in 1968).

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