Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wasilla City Records are Incomplete (gone from pre-FY 2000)

I got this from Wasilla's City Clerk in response to my request for info on the subject:

The Finance Department searched all financial records on our system for fiscal year 2000, 2001 and 2002. There are no records of billings to or collections from rape victims or their insurance companies in our system. The financial computer system goes back to the beginning of fiscal year 2000, and accounts receivable backup documentation goes back six (6) years per our records retention schedule.

A review of files and case reports within the Wasilla Police Department has found no record of sexual assault victims being billed for forensic exams. State law AS 18.68.040, which was effective August 12, 2000, would have prohibited any such billings after that date.

Statistics for sexual assaults reported can be found in the police section of the City of Wasilla website.

If you need anything further please submit a public records request which you may access at

Two reasons for this:

A) It didn't happen after July 1st 1999 (which seems to be the latest data they have)

B) The billing was done by the hospital at the urging of the police department; this was hinted at in either some articles or in the legislative hearings on Eric Croft's bill.

If so, that was a smart way to cover their tracks; it's going to be nearly impossible, if not impossible, to get hospital billing information, even if, as part of a police department investigation, it SHOULD be a matter of public record.

Thank heavens the McCain campaign gave us this new line of inquiry.

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