Friday, August 29, 2008

Vetting Sarah Palin: Co-Chaired Steve Forbes Campaign

Steve Forbes? Seriously? Not to mention that a certain John McCain was, in fact, running in the primary and was derailed only by the Karl Rove's fictional black baby story.

From the Associate Press State & Local Wire, August 7th, 1999.

State Sen. Mike Miller of Fairbanks will head the Alaska campaign chairman for Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes, campaign officials said.

Joining the Fairbanks Republican on the leadership committee will be Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin, and former state GOP chairman Pete Hallgren, who will serve as co-chairs.

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U.S. Common Sense said...

And now Democrat Robert Wexler of Florida is trying to say that Palin was backing Buchanan that year, and therefore is a Nazi sympathizer. Sheesh!