Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vetting Sarah Palin: Other Palin Campaign Contributions

In 1998, she gave money to State Sen. Lyda Green (who today thinks she's unprepared to be governor, much less vice president or president) and one Robin Taylor, who lost to Tony Knowles

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LauraM said...

Palin is your typical Republican only in another gender. Her speech was condescending, sharp snake like tongue, and how dare she even mention Michelle Obama. What hate and controversy she is going to make this race a great one, and I cannot wait to be there when she buries herself in the debate.
As usual a republican throwing crap and telling lies.
The only thing that makes me angry is that I wish the Dems would fight back. Oh, but they are affraid because she is a woman.
She is no woman, she is a freak!!!