Friday, August 29, 2008

Vetting Sarah Palin: Supporter of Higher Taxes

Some conservative she is. She advocated and succeeded in raising the sales tax to pay for a sports arena.

Shouldn't that be in the purview of the private sector, Governor Palin?

From AP State & Local Wire, October 6, 2001:

The Wasilla City Council is considering a measure to raise the city sales tax to pay for a new multiuse sports arena that would include a hockey rink and basketball courts.
Supporters of the center, including Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin and many sports buffs, say they need more places to play indoor sports. The area's sole indoor rink at the Brett Memorial Ice Arena is so booked there are no openings until March, said clerk Stephanie Duboc.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that increase in sales tax done by referendum?