Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anti-Semitic Banker Gold-Digger Gretta Duisenberg

Nice lady; makes you want to donate to Geert Wilders legal defense fund in her honor; he may be a far-right ass, but at least he's not a Jew-hater (unlike most of his compatriots on the far-right like the BNP and the Austria Freedom party, not to mention the Eastern Europe far-right which is even worse)

Can't say the same for far-left nutjob Duisenberg, who married a wealthy banker who has since died.

This is because of two things; first, the Jewish lobby in Holland, like in the United States, is very strong and powerful, and it is still playing on our guilt feelings, although it is 63 years since the Holocaust.

In addition, whenever you have something against the Jewish people in Holland, they call you an anti-Semite

The "high" (on whatever, she is from Amsterdam) society member recently got off on incitement charges since nobody could prove it actually was her advocating for gassing Jews

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