Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Silence from European Press and "Human Rights Organizations" On Gaza Fuel Situation

From Ha'aretz

A new dispute between Hamas and Fatah has drastically reduced production at the Gaza Strip's only power plant, exacerbating its chronic electricity shortage, officials said yesterday.

The current crisis emerged when the European Union, one of the biggest donors to the Palestinian Authority, decided to scale back aid ...
The plant provides electricity to about 25% of Gaza. The rest gets power from Egypt and Israel.

If Hamas had the people of Gaza's interests in mind, it would agree to Quartet's reasonable demands and Gaza would get the fuel and everything else it needed; of course we know they do not, particularly Meshaal who gets to sit pretty in Damascus. But maybe this EU action will convince them to give in.

Still, Hamas spokesman Fozzie Bear has a point; this action by the European Union is indeed just as much a crime against humanity/collective punishment as anything Israel has done.

Yet a fairly significant search of Google News yields nothing from European newspapers, nothing from European "human rights organizations" who never miss an opportunity or non-opportunity to attack Israel. Palestinian and other Arab news sources, Ha'aretz, and the Chinese Communist newspaper are all I see.

Which is of course not a surprise; actions taken by the EU don't have the kind of "blame the Jews" appeal that attracts most anti-Israel activists.

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