Monday, January 18, 2010

Newspapers in the Google News Archive

One great resource for free older newspapers For some reason, Google does not plainly list anywhere the newspapers it has full-image archives for in its "Google News Archive."

Why, I do not know; it makes things very annoying for people who know what kind of paper (based on geographic location, etc.) might have what they are searching for.

Here's a non-exhaustive list via searching manually. Note that Google may be missing some individual issues in the "Google Holding Dates" range; these are merely the earliest and latest I found for them.

Part 1:

NamePublishing PeriodGoogle Holding Dates
Montreal Gazette1785-8/28/1928-
Miami News1896-19886/12/1940
The Evening Independent (St. Petersburg, FL)?-1986Complete
The Age (Melbourne, Australia)1854-3/15/1943-3/4/1955

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