Friday, January 8, 2010

Bravo to the anonymous 60-year old Tear Gas (Pepper Spray?) Lady

Rosa Parks meets Malcolm X for the win in an incident on the mehadrin (gender-segregated) buses in Jerusalem in Israel.

Tear gas spraying the douchebag 18 year old who apparently gets turned on by 60-year old women (this being the 'justification' given for all the tzniut / tznius bullshit). Hopefully she'll get off under self-defense.

an 18-year-old Orthodox man noticed the woman, 60, sitting at the front of the bus on a route on which men and women are segregated for purposes of religious modesty.

The man objected to the woman's seating location, and asked her to move to the back, police said, but she refused to budge.

The exchange quickly escalated into a confrontation, police said.

After being cursed at repeatedly, the woman told him to "shut up," adding, "What do you care where I sit? So what if this is a religious bus? Nothing will happen if I sit at the front," according to her police interrogation transcript.

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