Monday, July 7, 2008

How The Free Market Solves Problems

Global warming (and probably overpopulation) is hurting people today.

Of course, the natural free market is dealing with it in West Timor

Here's how:

According to a joint survey by aid groups Church World Service, Helen Keller International and CARE, more than 50 percent of children under 5 in West Timor are suffering from malnutrition. In some areas it's as high as 70 percent -- a higher percentage than areas of Africa.
Of those, nearly 1 in every 10 children suffer from acute malnutrition, meaning they are near death, according to organizers. The study also found that 61 percent of the children suffer from stunted growth.

The main fear is that unless something drastic is done now, whole generations could be lost to acute and chronic malnutrition.

See, the population will drop drastically through thousands and thousands of deaths, and then eventually there will be enough food for the remaining people.

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