Saturday, July 19, 2008

Steve Hildebrand at Netroots Nation (Others too)

Iowa wasn't enough, New Hampshire wasn't enough. We were running against the Clintons.

Never had there been 22 state, many very large, also 6 caucus states on February 5th.

They had to be smart enough to look forward.

He was skeptical about Jeremy Bird in South Carolina, whether he could build by organizing.

Building capacity to have the infrastructure to win.

Some said SC wasn't a field state, but every state is if you do it right.

The initial question was whether BO was black enough, after SC he clearly was, and was shifted to being called too black.

It took Iowa for many AA voters to believe he was really able to win.

A lot of whites looking at the massive SC victory and saying "He's real"

Nobody knew when it was going to end. Nobody would've predicted 57 contests, and nobody wants to live through it again.

June of 2007, 50-state walk for change (I did it in Hoboken, NJ with some great people; saw them again at a fundraiser with Cory Booker & various other probama NJ politicians).

There were about 2,5000 walks (there was also one in Princeton, but I was in Hoboken that day)

Convergent of events, seriousness and urgency of Americans right now. People who've never been involved

Tom Delay did massive damage. To take away their power.

Texas needs 5 more House seats to take back the lower House.

It'll likely gain 4 more House seats.

Why are we running a 50-state strategy? Cause it's about a progressive majority for the future, not just about Obama. It's about the American people.

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