Thursday, July 17, 2008

Key Points on McCain-Democratic National Committee

* 3rd Bush Term; 95% of the time with George Bush in 2007.

* Increasing the minimum wage
* overtime compensation and unemployment benefits
* expanding SCHIP to 10 million kids
* Extending Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest
* Raising Medicare age
* Raise the tax, but not on the wealthy
* privatize

* Wishy Washy Washington Insider
Torture-flip flopped, now pro-waterboarding.
Immigration-wrote bill with Ted Kennedy, now would vote against his own bill
Campaign Finance-Now just the Feingold bill
Bush Tax Cuts-Voted Against them in 2000, now supports them.

* Old-Fashioned, Out of Touch
Economy-Fundamentals of the economy are very strong
People know better.

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