Friday, July 11, 2008

Rough Ranking of Urbanized Area Transit Systems By Grade

A: New York City (generally as good as or better than any city in the world)
Heavy Rail (i.e. subway/el, etc)

  • NYC Subway-26 lines, with a 27th under construction

  • Staten Island Railway-1 line

  • PATH train-4 lines

Light Rail/Streetcar

  • Newark Light Rail-2 lines

  • Hudson/Bergen Light Rail-2 lines

Commuter Rail

  • NJ Transit-9 lines/10 branches

  • Long Island Railroad-4 lines/branches

  • Metro North Railroad-3 lines/5 brances

  • Shore line East-1 line, connects to Metro North

Bus Service

  • MTA New York City Bus-243 lines

  • NJ Transit-247 lines (some operate in Philly area)

  • Suffolk County Transit-53 lines

  • Westchester County Bee-line-63 lines

  • Many other smaller or private bus companies

There are also several ferryboat systems to aid in getting across the Hudson and other waterways in the NYC area

Total trips in 2006: 3,556,942,008
Trips/2000 urbanized area resident: 199.83

A-: San Francisco/Oakland (very, very good within the relatively small by today's standards city of San Francisco, but less so in Oakland, and commuter service has some issues)
Light Rail/streetcar
* Muni Railway-7 lines and 1 streetcar lines
Cable Cars
* Muni Railway-3 lines
* Muni Railway-17
Heavy Rail
* Bay Area Rapid Transit-5 lines (functions somewhat as commuter rail as well)
Commuter Rail


  • Muni Railway-54 lines

  • SamTrans-55 lines

  • AC Transit-105 lines

  • Golden Gate Transit-52 lines

  • Western Contra Costa Transit-16 lines

  • Union City Transit-5 lines

  • Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board lines

Total Trips in 2006: 420,202,662
Trips/Urbanized area resident in 2000: 140.27

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