Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Matthew Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition hates Israel and Jews

Matthew Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition (an organization approximately as ironic as Jews for Jesus [self-explanatory] or Christians United For Israel [have Jews in control of Israel so Jesus can come back and Jews can then convert or die as Armageddon ensues]) has the audacity to question Barack Obama's support for Israel

I call it audacity because I've taken a look at Matthew Brooks' donations to federal candidates, and it comes out looking pretty poorly

Here's what I have found:

He donated to Spencer Abraham in 1993.

Rather than having me say things, I'll just quote Debbie Schlussel on Spencer Abraham

As we've written (and that column was quoted in The Washington Post), Abraham favored pan-Islamists from HAMAS front group CAIR and others from Islamic charities raided by Customs Agents for laundering money to Al-Qaeda. He invited a man tied to one of the Al-Qaeda-related charities to the Bush White House to give out post-9/11 "awards." Abraham also took campaign contributions from Nijad Fares, the son of then-Hezbollah installed Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon.

Pro-Hezbollah AND pro-Hamas? And yet Matt Brooks gave him money?

There's Michael Steele. Steele is well-known for his belief that the Final Solution of the Nazis was like stem cell research, a "best new thing [that is] going to save lives"

You of all folks know what happens when people decide they want to experiment on human beings...I know that as well in my community, out of our experience with slavery, and so I'm very cautious when people say this is the best new thing, this is going to save lives."

And there's Marilyn Musgrave, who has been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, and has never denounced and/or rejected it.

He's also donated to Paul Cronin, George W. Bush, and Norm Coleman, who are clean on Israel and anti-Semitism.

But that's pretty bad. In a political system where there are few anti-Semitic and anti-Israel politicians, Matt Brooks has made half of his donations to such candidates.

He needs to first explain these donations before he has any credibility.

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