Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama is Jewish after all!

Would any non-Jew have a rally at the Kotel?

Surely no non-Jew (he'd have peyos but he doesn't have enough hair!!!) would be having such a deep experience at the Wall.

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Fred said...

As a joke I understand what you say there.
However, I think important that Amercian Jews (more specially Democrats) understand how they are seen abroad, within & without the jewish community.
Indeed, as a European Jew, I have to say we don't share at all the point
of an "all-super-funny jewish identity" whatever we want with. Moreover, a lot of Israelis regards American Jews like people with no real respect for them, always being there to send money but almost always away
in times of danger, at the contrary for example of French Jews who don't hesitate to commit themself in war times by joining
Israel civile or military services.
Another point is the fact American Jews -except some intellectuals (not people like Woody Allen) - don't have offered their children a real knowledge of jewish challenges, going further than a permanent jewish humor hardly hidding a vacuum in American Jewish intellectual and spiritual life. The clearest evidence of this is the review Huub, always ridiculizing in a trash way the jewish heritage and laughing at for example Elie Wiesel.
This is why I don't smile so easy reading this text on Obama.
Jews have struggled for survive over 3000 years. Are you sure it is to offer so easily this heritage to someone no asking for it anyway?
When Jews will begin to respect themself ? Because if they don't, nobody will respect them out from the usual ceremony for DEAD jews.

I would invite you to read this book :