Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ignorance of Richard Silverstein

Really silly that he has the audacity to claim that nobody on the Israeli left criticized the Goldstone Report. Even though he's also nuts enough to claim Meretz isn't leftist, I suppose because they're Zionist.
Of course, by that standard, there are about 5 Israeli leftists; even Hadash is still far too Palestinian nationalist to possibly qualify as 'leftist' by that standard, even if their biggest faction is "Communist" (though then again, so is China's government, in name).

But one of those 5 leftists would undoubtedly work for B'tselem, whose leader

Jessica Montell said:

There's no question that the HRC, which mandated the Goldstone [fact-finding mission into the Gaza fighting], has an inappropriate, disproportionate fixation with Israel," she said

Furthermore, the Goldstone Report itself, which was presented in its final version to the Human Rights Council on Tuesday, is "disagreeable" and mistaken in some of
its gravest accusations against Israel

Hopefully he reads this, as I left a fairly angry response on Shmarya Rosenberg's blog to his comment on the subject. If so, perhaps, just perhaps, he'll have learned something.

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