Sunday, February 14, 2010

רק שתי מילים Just two words?

The Jerusalem Post ran an article from one of the totally assimilated American Jews whose Jewish identity (and identification with the Land of Israel) Taglit-Birthright is trying to strengthen.

I figure she has to have been utterly, utterly assimilated. I mean, she claims "I knew two Hebrew words coming to Israel: shalom and humous."

Now, this is (I hope) an exaggeration. For one, if those are really the only two words in Hebrew you know, you actually only know one word in Hebrew, because there's pretty much no way you're pronouncing the ח
correctly, and as such, you're saying it far closer to the Arabic pronunciation/word than the Hebrew one.

But seriously? תורה, שבת, מצוה, אמן, you didn't know? Not that those would've helped you at all in getting around, but seriously?

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