Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rafiq al-Husseini S*x Tape Surfaces!

Okay, this is pretty awesome. High-ranking Palestinian official Rafiq al-Husseini apparently had a s*x tape made of him.

Not Paris Hilton style, of course, where a "private" tape was "accidentally" leaked. No, this was Fahmi Shabaneh, a former Palestinian intelligence official who's been in some hot water lately. The reason was his "terrible crime" of pointing out that Hamas may end up in power (and pull its usual crap, making retaliation necessary and inevitable) if Fatah's corruption doesn't stop. So apparently he decided to release this video to take the heat off (from a semi-censored Israeli TV playing of it)

Now, if it was just sex, I would say good for Mr. al-Husseini and his free love agenda. But apparently, he was boning the lady in return for getting her a job. Reminds me of the sexcapades of Leib Tropper.

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