Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Strategy to Fight Muslim Speech Disruptors

Hopefully the Muslim Student Association disruptors of Ambassador Oren's speech will indeed face the suspension/expulsion threats. UC Irvine has been a hellhole of this kind of behavior for a while now, one of the reasons I didn't apply for grad school there. Note that by contrast, there were no disruptions of Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia.

One option would be to hold up one of the Mohammed cartoons; I think it would've been classic if someone had held up a big blow-up of that cartoon after the moron who shouted "Propagating murder is not free speech" and said "No, but THIS is!"

Better yet, why has nobody done the whole "Free Palestine, Texas from the Rio to the Gulf".

That would also be hilarious.  Better yet, 

"Palestine: 400 Shekels Or Best Offer"

The 400 shekels would, of course, be a reference to Abraham's purchase of the machpelah in Hebron, but the whole thing would generally be a pun on "Free Palestine"

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